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From start to finish, using SafeSets made our shoots COVID compliancy an absolute breeze. So simple to set up and really streamlined the whole on set process. The crew were suitably impressed too! I loved getting the contract tracing spreadsheet emailed to me at the end of each shoot day. Top notch guys - thank you!!

Juliet Smith,

Production Manager

I'm hooked. Don't think I'll be able to shoot without it. Thanks guys

Jacob Green,

Production Co-ordinator

We thought we had things pretty covered with Google docs, but we still had to manually check who's temperature to read next, organising cleaning stations, compiling the report etc. SafeSets saved us a lot of time and hassle.

Victoria Brown,


Our job had multiple locations, SafeSets made it simple to just switch and manage crew members from any of the locations.

Timothy Phan

We ended up saving a lot of time organising what spaces need to be cleaned. It was so easy to create a space and set a timer that everyone could keep track of.

Steven Richards,

Unit Manager

This saved us so much time, I paid SafeSets a bonus, considering the amount of time it saves, it's an absolute steal right now. I'm booking it on every job I do.

Jessica Smyth

Great work guys! I've been using SafeSets for a couple jobs already, and plan to keep using it for next year 🙂

Jin Lee,

COVID Compliancy Officer

I nearly fell off my chair when someone showed me SafeSets, It’s exactly what we needed. I’m looking forward to using SafeSets on all our upcoming projects.

Tom Marks,


Saved me the headache of manually logging a report every day.

Brian Zhang,

Production Co-ordinator

This was a fantastic platform to use. Will use it for next year.

Andrew Faraccio

This service is a must for any production in the States. It make things so much easier to manage.

Mary Gonzales

We used to do things with pen and paper, then I spent hours digitising the info. Thank God I don't have to do that anymore.

Shaun Tam,

Set Nurse

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